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Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Tile and grout can be hard to keep clean. Tile & grout can both discolor over time, and
you might not even realize it’s happening. Being proactive about keeping them clean
with regular cleaning practices will go a long way to help.

However, there are times you need to bring in professional cleaning. You don’t have to
hire professionals every month to deep clean your tile and grout in Petersburg, Florida.
But you do want to be proactive about deep cleaning them once or twice a year.

You might be amazed to find that tile and grout cleaning can help your tiles look almost
brand-new again. If you’re looking at them thinking they are a dingy mess, we can help.

Before Freedom Green Clean

After Freedom Green Clean

How Tile & Grout Cleaning Works

Have you noticed that the grout that used to be white now looks brown? Maybe it looks orange. It’s not necessarily that you are doing anything wrong. It happens with age and use, just like your carpets and furniture pick up dirt or wear down over time.

The thing is, your grout and tile don’t have to be discolored like that. With a deep cleaning process designed to pull all of that dirt and debris from the tile and grout, your tiles can look great again.

Here’s how the process works. We’ll start with an inspection of the space. This is when our cleaning techs will come in to see the tile and grout in question. They can take a look and determine the extent of any cleaning needs or damage repairs that might be required.

Once the plan has been made to get your tile floors cleaned up, we start with a basic clean. It’s important to ensure that loose dirt and debris on the floor is picked up and out of the way for cleaning.

The cleaning process involves a deep scrubbing. The goal of the scrubbing is to loosen any dirt that has lodged itself deep down in the hidden pores of your grout. This is followed up with our special machinery to extract dirt and get the tile and grout into a much cleaner condition.

Once we finish, we always double-check that the cleaning was successful and look for any missed spots or stains. Now, it’s time to let the floors dry and get back to life! That’s all there is to it. Depending on the size of your floor, it shouldn’t take that long from start to finish. However, we also don’t want to rush the process because we want it done correctly.

When to Invest in Tile & Grout Cleaning in Petersburg, Florida

It is important that you are regularly cleaning your tile and grout as part of your standard cleaning processes. Basic cleaning will go a long way to help keep your tile and grout looking nice.

However, even with basic cleaning, there will always be a time when deeper cleaning becomes necessary.

There are several signs that might indicate it’s time for a professional cleaning. Let’s discuss a few of those.


Discoloration of tile and grout is one of the most common indicators. Did your tile initially start out as a soft cream marble color with cream-colored grout? If so, then the rust color of your grout and the dark brown color scheme in your tile is not normal. This is a sign it’s time to have the grout professionally cleaned.

Over time, moisture and dirt seeps down into the pores of the grout. This is what causes the discoloration. Thankfully, it can usually be cleaned.


Another reason that you might need a deeper clean for your tile and grout is stains. We get it – stains happen.

Whether your stains are from a child, a pet, a spilled drink, or something else, they leave behind their mark. Something red or blue or green can stain your grout easily or stain both the tile and the grout. Those stains are very hard to get up using DIY techniques. You might be able to hide them for a while, but they always come back to the surface.

A professional deep clean of the tile can use a stain treatment to help clear those stains and get your surfaces clean again.


Even if you don’t notice discoloration or stains on the tile, this doesn’t mean they don’t need to be cleaned. A lot of homeowners will notice that their tile starts to look dull over time. It doesn’t have that glow to it that clean tiles do.

No matter how much you scrub, this dullness might not go away. In most cases, the dulling effect is simply built up from dirt and other types of residue. It might even be from a cleaning solution you have been using that leaves behind residue.

Having your tile and grout cleaned when you notice dullness will help remove any build-up and residue that might be hindering the view of the tiles. The tiles will be restored to that glossy shine that you loved when they were brand-new

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Our company is locally owned and operated. All of our staff is thoroughly trained. We
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